• $279.95

When space is at a premium, the SurgeX FlatPak is the perfect choice to safeguard projectors, flat panels, and digital displays from harmful electrical transients. It is easily hidden behind or beside equipment and designed to integrate with wall and ceiling mounting systems.

Featuring Series Mode technology, the FlatPak provides non-sacrificial protection against surges, spikes, and electrical noise that cause AV equipment malfunction and downtime. It does not shunt surge energy to the ground and will not produce ground contamination or common-mode disturbances that cause hissing sounds and pixilation on AV equipment.

Available in two configurations, the SA-82 model is engineered for non-networked devices and the SA-82-AR offers remote IP control capabilities for networked devices. This lets technicians control any connected device not currently IP addressable to manage outlets, including on/off, scheduling, AutoPing, and power cycling.

If you're looking for a compact solution that offers advanced power protection and installs out of sight, then look no further than the SurgeX FlatPak.