Trident Scooter

  • $649.00

A great device for scuba divers and snorkelers, this scooter can pull you down to a maximum depth of 50m(164ft). You have control of the dual propellers, which deliver a thrust power of up to 26lbs, and can choose between two set speeds: 2.2 mph and 4.3 mph. It uses a 24V/6,000 mAh lithium battery that takes 1.5 hours to charge, allowing the Trident to pull you along underwater to tour the majestic world beneath the surface for about an hour. Also, you can conveniently mount a GoPro onto this 7.7lb device, allowing you to capture some first-person footage of your sea life encounters.



Weight: 3.7kg(8.15lb) Dimensions: 500*210*226mm

Depth: 50m(164ft)

Variable speed: 3.6km/h or 6.5km/h

Operating temperature: 0~40°C

Extension support: GoPro, light

Lock: child safety lock

Speed level: Two Energy Thrust:

12kg Power: 180w/480w

Battery Capacity: 6300mAh/140Wh


Charging time:1.5 hours ~ 2 hours