Focal Arche DAC and Headphone Amplifier

  • $2,499.00

Arche provides a digital-analog converter with two pure class A amplification modes (voltage, hybrid), designed especially for headphones. Arche also offers presets for every set of Focal headphones to make sure you get the absolute best from this ultimate combination. Its dual mono ultra-high performance construction makes it possible to separate management of the left and right channels, from the powering stage. The two balanced digital-analog converters can process formats in PCM format up to 384kHz, as well as DSD 264. The analog signal is then routed towards 2 pure class A amplification channels for an uncompromising solution. The original audio signal is thereby totally respected, so as to reproduce the tiniest details of the recording.


Digital-analog converter compatible with high-resolution formats (384kHz - DSD 264).

2 integrated amplifiers (voltage and hybrid): choose the amplifier type best suited to your headphones.

Presets for every set of Focal headphones: get the best from Focal’s combination of electronics and acoustics.

Dual mono audiophile construction from input of the digital signal to output of the self-powered signal.

Can also be used as a digital-analog converter for high-fidelity home systems.