• $999.00


For the last 35 years, Focal has dedicated itself to developing top-of-the-line drivers and loudspeakers. So when the team set out to create headphones that could replicate the high-fidelity audio quality found in their loudspeakers, they knew they were in for a challenge. Three years later, they proved they were up for it by delivering the Elear and Utopia headphones.

With the Focal Elear headphones, you get most of the technical features found in their flagship model, Utopia. They have a wide range loudspeaker built right in, which has never been seen before. They also feature an open back, over-ear design to make your music sound even more pure and clear. As a result, the Elear over-ear headphones are a treat for any music lover who wants their tunes to sound as crisp and full as when listening to their stereo system. 

Product Highlights

Open-back circumaural headphones dedicated to low noise environments

Built-in wide range loudspeaker

40 mm dynamic speaker drivers with aluminum/magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome to reproduce natural, clear audio

Microfiber fabric on cushions for comfort that suits all head shapes and sizes

Solid aluminum yoke for a seamless design

Balanced cable with channel separation for facet and easy custom-made solutions (bi-amp)

13-foot oxygen-free cables with ¼ inch stereo plug

Two 3.5 mm connectors that lock into headphones 5-23,000 Hz frequency response

104 dB

80 Ohms