Listen Wireless

  • $299.00

The Listen range of headphones is expanding with Listen Wireless®. It combines all the advantages of premium headphones with those of wireless Bluetooth® technology. Excellent noise isolation is guaranteed thanks to the closed-back design and to the large ear cushions which preserve the headphones' acoustic qualities, even in noisy environments. The heat-sensitive, very high-density memory foam offers impressive comfort for the listener. Listen Wireless® also has excellent dynamics, tight bass and remarkable tonal balance. Its wireless technology offers long-range reception while ensuring very long autonomy. Listen Wireless® are premium headphones which are free from the constraints of traditional headphones, for even more freedom listening to high-definition sound.


Portable headphones, light, comfortable, excellent isolation

Exclusive cone technology offering outstanding sound quality Bluetooth® 4.1 for moving around freely up to 50 feet

Up to 20 hours of autonomy listening to music

Compatible with all smartphones

“Clear Voice Capture” double microphone system for even greater intelligibility of speech and conversations